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Conty Ltd was established as a limited company in July 1995. Through its office in Sofia Conty Ltd currently operates with 8 professional and support staff and provides accounting services to over 20 clients.

Conty Ltd. is an accounting agency that provides counsel on all issues relating to tax law, book-keeping, finances, privatisation and investment projects. Also, we assist our clients in tax audits and provide complete solutions for business.

Conty Ltd provides solutions of financial accounting matters. Our counsel on accounting and tax matters is linked to:

    - nature and statutory organisation of the book-keeping
    - nature, management and accounting of the capital, fixed assets and their depreciation, investments and securities, material supplies, financial assets
    - the contract agreements and the accounts on this basis
    - accountancy policy
    - income and expenditure of different nature
    - annual report
    - consolidation of the reports
    - financial planning
    - financial accounting analysis
    - taxation relationship with the budget
    - national statutory statements

The internal financial control is also a part of the company`s activity. It consists of:

    - acquaintance with the accountancy system and policy of the enterprise-client and with the organisation of the internal control
    - determination and programming the time and the range of the auditing procedures co-ordination of the forthcoming auditing
    - Conty Ltd. concludes agreements for audit and legalization of annual accounting reports by certificated chartered accountants hired by the company
    - It assists the auditor with the planning, control and documentation of the auditing work
    - It evaluates the accuracy of the accounting reports of the organisation
    - It controls and supports the safety of the working environment and its components.

Conty Ltd. analyses the profit / loss and the financial status of the enterprise.

    - analysis of the profit / loss
    - analysis of the profit from sold production
    - analysis of the profit from sales using the marginal approach
    - analysis of the assets, equity and liabilities of the enterprise
    - total evaluation of the assets of the balance-sheet
    - analysis of the fixed assets
    - analysis of the movement of the fixed assets
    - analysis of the current assets
    - total evaluation of the liabilities of the balance-sheet
    - analysis of the equity
    - analysis of the issued share capital
    - analysis of the liquidity
    - analysis of the profitableness
    - analysis of the profitableness based on expenditure and cost price
    - analysis of the profitableness based on income
    - analysis of the profitableness of the whole capital
    - analysis of the profitableness of the equity and the issued share capital
    - analysis of the profitableness based on assets
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Scope of work

CONTY Ltd. would like to inform you that we are able to offer you the following services which we consider traditional for good book-keeping in conformity with the International Accounting Standards (IAS), the National Accounting Standards (NAS) and the Bulgarian Tax Legislation.

    - Posting of primary accounting document
    - Preparing of a monthly pay-sheet and a check up for the social security contributions and other withholding in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation
    - Monthly preparation of journals and VAT returns
    - Monthly accrual of depreciation in accordance with prepared depreciation schedule of the company
    - Monthly closing of accounts and presentation of statement of financial condition
    - Preparation of check ups with management purpose at the request of the client
    - Monthly debits and credits analysis
    - Preparation of quarterly check ups of the intercorporate turnovers performed between related parties in order the parent company to make consolidated statements
    - Annual closing of accounts and preparation of all applications required by the IAS and NAS
    - Defence of the financial statements to tax authorities
    - Co-operation and defence of the financial statements to audit companies
    - We suggest all relations with the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) to be settled by Osiguritelna Kasa “Conty” at a minimum price. It is a social security enterprise and a licensed representative of NSSI.
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Accounting approach

* A tailored approach
To deliver precise and clear opinions, Conty's services approach is tailored to your specific circumstances. Our service to the customer is based on our leading edge accounting approach. We believe that the most important factor to achieving a successful service is our thorough understanding of your activities and controls which ensures that book-keeping and tax issues are identified and resolved early to avoid surprises.

* Communicating with the customer
We will discuss the results of our book-keeping at monthly presentation meeting with the customer. However, we shell also maintain contact with you throughout the month to discuss developing issues. We firmly believe that effective communication is the foundation of a strong relationship through which the customer will derive the most benefit from Conty's services.

Our team

We adopt a team approach to client service which recognizes the importance of working with key members of yours management team, and therefore of building lasting relationships. Our team will be structured as follows:

Our team will be led by Maria Paunova – Director. She will have the overall responsibility for the services Conty provides to the client, including relationships with the management team and director. Mrs. Paunova is the main owner of the company.

Borislava Ivanova will be the project manager. She will exercise close supervision at every stage of the fieldwork and will be responsible for the preparation of the monthly statement.

Temenujka Stoyanova – operational accountant. She will be responsible for the posting of the primary accounting documents.

Our fees

It is our usual practice to charge fees by reference to the time spent and the hourly charge-out rates of the staff involved.


Conty Ltd provides accounting and consulting services to many local and international clients in the profit and non-profit sector.

General terms

These General terms of Business will apply to the delivery of services by Conty Ltd to our clients.

To enable us to perform the Services, you shall:
- Supply promptly all information and all access to documentation in your possession, custody or under your control and to personnel under your control where required by us.
- Inform us promptly of any information or developments which may come to your notice and which might have a bearing on the Services.

We will not disclose to any third party without your prior written consent any information concerning your business and received from you for the purpose of providing the Services, which if disclosed in writing is marked confidential or if disclosed orally is confirmed in writing as being confidential.


Our office:

Hristo Stanishev Street 26-28
1225 Sofia

Phone: (0359 2) 936 76 13
e-mail: conty_ltd@yahoo.com / conty_ltd@abv.com
Website: http://www.conty.net

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